The ISCE-Chem project is a consortium of 8 institutions (CNRS, 2 Normand engineering schools and the Universities of Caen, Rouen, le Havre, Southampton and Norwich), which aims at enhancing scientific knowledge in the field of molecular chemistry on both sides of the Channel and offering a diploma of Excellence for Master’s degree and PhD.

The project budget amounts to 13.5 million Euros from which 6.5 million Euros come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the Interreg IV A France-England programme.

This European project is leaded the Professor Thierry Lequeux (University of Caen) with the CNRS as lead partner. The Steering Committee is made up of 17 members from the different institutions namely: David Harrowven (University of Southampton), Richard Stephenson (University of East Anglia), Jacques Maddaluno (University of Rouen), Vincent Dalla (University of le Havre), Jacques Rouden (ENSICAEN), Xavier Pannecoucke (INSA de Rouen), and Thierry Lequeux (University of Caen and CNRS). A Monitoring Committee follows the project implementation headed by the Joint Technical Secretariat (Managing Authority of the Interreg IV A programme).

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Convergence of scientific knowledge between Anglo-French institutions;
  • Diploma of excellence in molecular chemistry for all European Master’s degree and PhD students;
  • Setting-up or emergence of new scientific skills coming from the new Interreg area.

The project actions are mainly dedicated to the education for and through the Research. Master’s degree and PhD exchanges are scheduled throughout the project as well as conference and lectures exchanges. MSc students, who decide to make a work placement in France, get a financial support.
This Anglo-French project about joint Research is a huge opportunity for students in Europe.


Doctor Maria Paz Muñoz Herranz will give lectures to Rouen and Caen master programs
On November, during the week of the 11th, Doctor Maria Paz Muñoz Herranz from East Anglia University will give lectures in France to the Master in Chemistry students. This lectures will take place in Rouen...

Many thanks to the participants
The closing event of the ISCE :Chem project took place in Norwich last week. The ISCE:Chem team wishes to thank all the participants…

P-Y.Renard, T.Lequeux et D.Villemin, conférences at Norwich on the 3rd of September 2013.
As an opening if the Final Event of the ISCE:Chem project wich will be held in England on the 4th, 5th and 6th of September, the University of East Anglia will organize a symposium. This...


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